Windows Phone dual-SIM hardware appearing soon: Nokia, HTC onboard

There's little doubt that the world of Windows Phone 8 and subsequent editions will be rolling out with new hardware features in the future. That's a given. What's not known at this very moment is whether or not we'll be seeing the likes of specific features previously only known to the likes of sub-Smart phones and Android devices up until now. One of these features appearing in tips this week is a dual-SIM card setup.

With the ability to roll with two SIM cards at once, the folks at both Nokia and HTC will be able to enter markets internationally previously unavailable to them in the Windows Phone environment. While what you're seeing here may or may not be a legitimate model made for one of these pieces of hardware with two SIM card availability, the rumor remains. This tip comes from C Tech in China where they've been passed word that both HTC and Nokia have reached Sync tests with dual-SIM card devices running Windows Phone.

This same source suggests that HTC will be releasing three new smartphones with Windows Phone aboard by the end of the year. One of these devices will be an edition of the HTC One with Windows Phone and very, very similar features to the original. This comes amid suggestion that HTC, Samsung, and Huawei were tapped by Microsoft to start (or continue) Windows Phone production after the Nokia deal was finalized.

Devices with dual-SIM card abilities will likely be headed for markets in China and India, with lower-cost devices headed for the latter location. You'll find each of these markets working with dual-SIM card abilities due to the large amounts of networks and the switching that must be done to do any sort of travel – pricing included.