Windows Phone developer says he could transfer 90% of his code to Windows 8

As long as there's a world where not every device runs the exact same operating system (in other words...ALWAYS), the word "porting" will always exist. After developers toil for hours and hours to create a program on one platform, they inevitably need to eventually bring it to another platform. This process can either be a bit tedious or really tedious.

There aren't many examples of a cross-platform port that's simple and easy. Microsoft wants to change that. Going with the idea that Windows 8 will be universal across tablets and computers, Microsoft's mobile platform Windows Phone is also trying to fit into that mold. Apparently it's working, at least according to developer Rick Walrond. Walron, who created the word game AlphaDrops on Windows Phone, said he was able to put the game on Windows 8 and only had to change 10% of his code.

"The good news for existing Windows Phone Silverlight developers is that the underlying code is very similar," he was quoted as saying in a VentureBeat article. "I was able to wire up the Windows 8 App to the exact same web services and databases which would allow for cross platform competition and leader boards." He did say that the development environment itself in Windows 8 was a bit buddy, but in terms of porting, he was very pleased. Could this be the competitive advantage Microsoft has been looking for?

[via VentureBeat]