Windows Phone Cortana voice assistant demoed in early build

Chris Burns - Mar 4, 2014
Windows Phone Cortana voice assistant demoed in early build

This week there’s been more than one “leak” of the digital natural-voice assistant Cortana for Windows Phone 8. This assistant is akin to Apple’s Siri for iPhone and iPad as well as Google Now and Google Search for Android. Here we’re seeing Cortana in action in a sort of hands-on video presented by a leakster who has had his hand in several Windows Phone 8.1 build-related fishings.

In the demonstration you’ll find Cortana to be asking for location, contacts, voice input, info from email, info from text messages, browser history, search history, calendar details, “and other info.” While Windows Phone allows you to turn Cortana off at any time, it would appear that this system is just as interested in your every living detail as its competitors.

You’ll be guided through a system that asks what you do during the evening – be it cooking, going out, or spending time with friends or family. You’ll be given options for when you’d like Cortana to handle your calls and texts, silencing the notifications you get as you like.

There’s also a number of rules which allow you to put your phone into quiet mode during certain hours. This setting also works with your “inner circle” of friends, allowing only certain contacts to contact you in the middle of the night.

If the above video is taken down, you’ll also have the archive of information on Cortana below as well as the screenshot collection above. This system will also likely be released by the middle of the year by Microsoft as their Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 initiative continues to take shape.

VIA: WMPowerUser, UnleashThePhones

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