Windows Phone ad pokes fun at iOS vs. Android war

Windows Phone has always been left out of the mobile wars, with iOS and Android mainly taking center stage and fighting in the ring. However, Microsoft is using that to their advantage with their latest Windows Phone television ad. The ad pokes fun at the constant iOS vs. Android war by basically saying that you don't need to fight with other users if you're using Windows Phone.

The ad takes place at a wedding, where everyone in the audience naturally pops out their smartphones (and tablets, in one instance) to take a picture of the moment. However, this leads to name-calling and sarcastic taunts to other guests. Obviously, an all-out fight ensues as people argue over what the better mobile platform is, while Windows Phone users casually stand there using their Nokia Lumia 920 devices.

Microsoft feeds off of the oft-forgotten mobile platform in the mobile wars, and uses that to their advantage, touting that if you have a Windows Phone device, there's no need to argue over which mobile platform is the best, because Microsoft argues that you have the best in your hand in the first place.

It seems that more and more companies are aiming their sights at competitors and downplaying the features on these devices rather than market their own products and demo some of the features on their own smartphones and tablets. We get that Microsoft thinks they're not included in the mobile wars because they're already the best, but they fail to really list why they're the best.