Windows Phone 8 to feature 'Kid's Corner' home screen for children

Windows Phone 8 is bringing a lot of new features with it when it arrives later this year, but one of the more intriguing (and welcome) features is apparently called "Kid's Corner." Spotted by The Verge, this new feature gives children their own home screen – one that their parents have complete control over. Parents can share apps, games, and other content with the Kid's Corner, meaning that when their children use their specially made home screen, they'll have access to that shared content, but nothing else on the phone.

Once Kid's Corner has been set up, it can be accessed by swiping from the left on the home screen. To exit Kid's Mode, one only has to press the power button. As you can see from the images, the name and color of Kid's Mode is customizable, and it's a feature that should be hitting all Windows Phone 8 devices.

We have to say that this a pretty genius feature to include with Windows Phone 8. Kids love smartphones as much as adults do, but the problem with that comes from the fact that not everything on a smartphone is appropriate for young children. Things like dialers and app stores can be pretty dangerous in the hands of a young child, and it seems that Kid's Corner will be able to block children from accessing those.

Kid's Corner hasn't been officially unveiled by Microsoft yet, but those images do seem to confirm that such a feature exists. One thing is for sure though: if this is a real feature of Windows Phone 8, then Microsoft will likely be able to win over the hearts of quite few parents. Keep an ear to SlashGear, as we'll have more information for you once Microsoft spills the beans.