Windows Phone 8 Start Screen gets major reboot

Saying that it was "the sexiest thing in Windows Phone 8", Microsoft's Joe Belfiore let the world know that it was all about to change at the Windows Phone Developer Summit, front to back. Live Tiles have been at the base of the Windows Phone 7 experience from the start, and here in Windows Phone 8, they've been given a whole new life with not one or two new sizes, but three. In Windows Phone 8 there will be a tile that's square at standard medium, one at small, and one at large "double-wide", as it were.

This change will bring in a whole heck of a lot more space on the Windows Phone 8 Start Screen as four tiles can fit where one was in the past, and the whole experience has been made just a bit quicker too, it seems. Multiple tiles at once on your Start Screen running images and information to you in real-time and a grid of them available to you at all times, all of that now with tiny tiles now as well! Sound like a great experience?

Stay tuned as we learn more about this adjustment to the world of Windows Phone, it being prepped for the next generation of mobile. Windows Phone 8 is growing up in the background here for developers – stay tuned as we find how that affects you the user soon as well!