Windows Phone 8 progress not up to Nokia's standards

Nokia may be one of Microsoft's largest partners for Windows Phone 8 devices, but that certainly doesn't mean that Nokia is 100% happy with the platform. It's not the lack of Windows Phone devices available, as there are plenty of those, but Nokia is mainly disappointed in the number of apps available and the lack of software updates.

Speaking with the International Business Times, Nokia's vice president of App development, Bryan Biniak, says that Nokia is attempting to get Microsoft back on the horse, as time is running out for the platform to make a big impact, saying that "waiting until the end of your fiscal year when you need to close your targets, doesn't do us any good when I have phones to sell today."

Biniak also mentions the lack of apps for Windows Phone, saying that while Nokia makes a lot of Windows Phone devices, no one will buy them if essential apps aren't available for it. He says that "if there is an app that somebody cares about that's not there, that's a missed opportunity of a sale."

Essentially, Biniak reiterates what we've heard before about the Windows Phone platform: "You can't sell a phone without the apps, you just can't," he says. There are some fantastic Windows Phone 8 devices out on the market, with the latest Lumia 1020 to make an arrival shortly, but Biniak says that without apps, the hardware is useless.