Windows Phone 8 full-resolution media backup goes global

This week the developer teams working for Windows Phone camera and photos have announced that users will soon be able to instantly save full-resolution photos and video to the cloud no matter where they are on our planet. Previously this feature had only been available to select users in limited areas, and a full roll-out wasn't yet on the books. This week Windows Phone 8 will have its full connection to SkyDrive the whole globe wide.

This feature will be available within the next few days to everyone using Windows Phone 8, and will be accessible in Photo settings. Heading to a Windows Phone 8 device's Photo app, heading down to the three dots (aka More), hitting Settings and SkyDrive will bring up the Auto Upload options. With this option tapped, users will no longer only see two options, they'll see six.

In SkyDrive storage, Windows Phone 8 users will see the ability to upload both videos and photos to the cloud in Good Quality and Best Quality sizes. If a user selects Good Quality for photos, they'll be using wifi and their wireless data connectivity to do so. Both Good and Best quality uploads for Video require wifi, while Best requires wifi for photos.

This release has been, according to the developers behind the project, deliberately taken slow to make sure it was a quality experience. Because of this, global availability has been awaited for quite a while (for some). The full roll-out is scheduled to begin as soon as today – have a peek and see if you're hooked up now!

SkyDrive is attached to not just Windows Phone 8 device at this point in history, but Windows 8 devices as well. Here in the spring of 2013, Microsoft's SkyDrive reliance is heavy, and it can be expected to continue for cloud storage straight from the company for some time to come.

SOURCE: Windows Phone Developers