Windows Phone 8 adds business oriented features

One of the features that Microsoft was keen to highlight at today's Windows Phone Summit was the new focus towards business. The company conceded that Windows Phone hadn't quite been as successful in the business and enterprise arena, and will be bringing some new features to the platform to try and rectify the problem.

Windows Phone 8 will include support for BitLocker encryption. In addition, there will be a secure boot mode, LOB app deployment, and the typical Office apps one would expect. On top of all of that, there will be easy device management for administrators, so they can use the same tools they use on the desktop to manage Windows Phone 8 devices thanks to the shared core.

Apps will also be able to be set up for end users without administrators going through the Marketplace. All in all, it looks like Microsoft is serious about entering the business and enterprise market on top of achieving growth in the consumer market.