Windows Phone 7 video keynote now available

Chris Davies - Oct 12, 2010
Windows Phone 7 video keynote now available

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch yesterday saw a huge number of devices being promised for a wide range of countries, and we can’t blame you if you got overwhelmed.  Happily Microsoft are helping us get back to basics with a typically-shouty Steve Ballmer and a video of the whole keynote launch, which you can see after the cut.

It was filmed at the US event in New York City yesterday, so covers the AT&T part of the Windows Phone 7 rollout.  Of course, there was a companion event going on in London, UK, at the same time, and that’s not included.

However, never fear, there’s details of the various handsets in our Windows Phone 7 wrap-up, and you can track all our coverage with the appropriate tag.  For now, enjoy a vocal Ballmer and his friend Ralph de la Vega (AT&T CEO):

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