Windows Phone 7 Tablet concept wants 3D calls [Video]

We're still waiting for the first Windows Phone 7 series handsets to go on sale – something not expected until late in 2010 – but that hasn't stopped the dreamers among us wondering what larger devices based on the platform might look like.  Designer Umang Dokey reckons the most obvious application is an 8-inch tablet, complete with a capacitive touchscreen and dual-webcams for 3D chat, and he's put together the demo video to prove it.Video demo after the cut

As well as spreading Microsoft's Metro UI across a broader display, Dokey has also given it a hardware keyboard.  A kick-stand on the back can flip around – Motorola BACKFLIP style – to act as a QWERTY 'board, though we reckon the whole thing would be a little precarious in that orientation.

There are also dual analog joysticks on the rear panel, used either for gaming or simply for scrolling through lists, and the whole thing is pleasingly slender.  It's certainly not the first time we've seen Microsoft's mobile OS put on a tablet-sized device, though sales have never been earth-shattering; HTC's Shift is perhaps the best known, and while it reasonably impressed reviewers, buyers weren't so confident.  Still, perhaps the addition of Xbox-style gaming might persuade a new segment to consider a larger device running WP7.

[via Recombu]