Windows Phone 7 Registry Hack Allows For Direct Loading Of Media

For Windows Phone 7, syncing data between your computer and your phone requires that you've got yourself some Zune Software installed on your PC or Mac. For most people, that's not really a problem, especially if they don't mind having a piece of software between them and their phone. But, for others, they'd just prefer to take care of it on their own, and drag and drop as they see fit. Thanks to a new registry hack, Windows Phone 7 users can now do that.

The registry hack is a fairly simple one, but obviously if you're not one who dabbles in this sort of things, you may want to keep that Zune Software handy. However, the process is just a four-step one, so if you're looking for something to do, that will ultimately let you do with your media as you see fit, you can head on through the source link below to get the directions.

The hack is a quick, and hopefully painless way to essentially turn your Windows Phone 7 device into a USB drive. It modifies three entires in the registry of your Windows desktop PC, which will let you start dragging and dropping files as you see fit. It will only work on a PC that has had the registry hack done, obviously, so you won't be able to do the process on a friend's computer without doing the process on their machine, too.

[via WMPowerUser]