Windows Phone 7 NoDo update leaks

Microsoft may be having difficulty getting the NoDo update into the wild, but it seems there's nothing stopping it from leaking. A ROM for the HTC Schubert – aka the HTC HD7 – has hit the wilds of xda-developers, complete with the NoDo update (i.e. copy & paste functionality, among other tweaks) baked in.

Unfortunately, flashing it isn't a simple matter of copying the ROM over. Instead, you'll need to have the specific unlocked HD7 or else spend some time creating a Goldcard to fool the installer into thinking your handset has a generic ID.

Of course, that leaves every other Windows Phone 7 user out in the cold still, though we imagine there'll be people already at work trying to tease the NoDo elements out of this particular ROM. Hopefully Microsoft will get its act together and release NoDo officially before that's necessary, anyway.

[via xda-developers]