Windows Phone 7 Metro UI skin for WinMo 6.5 gets early alpha video demo

Enchanted by Microsoft's new Metro UI for Windows Phone 7, but can't wait until the first handsets running the OS begin to show up later in the year?  Over at XDA-Developers Jaxbot is working on a Metro UI theme for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices, and there's a very early release available for testing on VGA or WVGA handsets.Video demo after the cut

When we say "very early", we mean it.  By Jaxbot's own admission the UI runs very slow; as you can see in the video demo below it's not really usable on your everyday device at present.  The promised beta should be far snappier, however.

As for functionality, already you can set phone, text, Outlook and people to certain apps, see previews of calendar entries on the homescreen and see certain amounts of live preview information.  Future builds will have social networking integration and even "Hubs", Microsoft's new enclosures for similarly-themed tasks and other apps.

[via PocketNow]