Windows Phone 7 Mac sync app confirmed for “later in 2010”

Chris Davies - Oct 13, 2010, 1:53am CDT
Windows Phone 7 Mac sync app confirmed for “later in 2010”

Microsoft has confirmed that it intends to release a Windows Phone 7 sync tool for Mac users, with a public beta of the so-far unnamed app expected later in 2010.  The news follows an errant tweet from a Microsoft employee confirming Mac compatibility for the new smartphone platform.

“Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers.” Microsoft statement

Unfortunately Microsoft isn’t saying anything more than that terse comment, and so while we still have plenty of questions – like just what is including in the “select content” Macs will be able to sync – right now they’re not answering them.  We’re guessing the Mac WP7 client will work in a similar way to the Zune client on the PC, which will be used to control Windows Phone 7 content as it does for the Zune HD.

Also unclear is whether the Mac beta will be ready for public release in time for the launch of Windows Phone 7 itself.  That’s expected to happen in Europe in little over a week’s time, with its North American sales debut on November 7.

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