Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the AT&T 8525 is now available

The new Windows Mobile 6 upgrade ROM is now available for AT&T's 8525 and can be downloaded from HTC website. If you are using Good Mobile Messaging, you should not upgrade your ROM yet because of incompatibility with the WM6 on AT&T's 8525. Download instructions can be found here.Important upgrade notes:

* This ROM is available from November 1, 2007 to February 1, 2008. After this date, the ROM will be removed from the website and will no longer be available for distribution.

* This ROM update is intended for the AT&T 8525 only and users should not load or attempt to load this version on any other device as it may cause serious issues/damage.

* GOOD MOBILE MESSAGING USERS – IMPORTANT INFORMATION: At this time, Good Mobile Messaging is not supported on the AT&T 8525 with Windows Mobile 6. It is recommended that Good Mobile Messaging users not upgrade their device's firmware at this time but download the WM6 update and save it for when Good Mobile Messaging is supported on the AT&T 8525 with Windows Mobile 6. Please note that the latest Windows Mobile 6 firmware is a permanent upgrade once it has been loaded on your AT&T 8525. There is no way to roll back the AT&T 8525 to Windows Mobile 5 once the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade has been completed.

* HTC strongly suggests that users create a back up copy of this ROM and keep it in a secure place as all new and refurbished 8525 devices (including those received via Warranty Exchange) will come loaded with Windows Mobile 5 rather than Windows Mobile 6.

[via slashphone]