Windows Insider Program has over 1 million users

Windows 10 might have thrown us for a loop in naming, but it won't sneak p on us again. The Windows Insider Program allows for anyone interested (and qualified, really) to test out the software in its beta form, and contribute their ideas along the way to a final release sometime next year. If you thought Windows was nearly dead, news that over one million people are involved in the Windows Insider Program might change your mind just a little bit.

All those users could amount to nothing more than curiosity, but it doesn't. According to Microsoft, over 200,000 pieces of feedback have already been submitted by users via the forums.

People also aren't just giving it a go, then abandoning Windows 10 altogether. Microsoft says the typical way for that to be done would be via a Virtual Machine, and they're only seeing 36% of users accessing Windows 10 that way. That leaves most accessing via a PC, and while they could be using a secondary machine to play with Windows 10, they're doing much more than curiously peeking in.

App launches on windows 10 are also impressively high, suggesting quite a bit of testing is going on. Microsoft says right around 7 apps are launched daily by the majority of users. A heft 25% of users are launching 26 or more apps daily. A small minority, 5%, are app crazy — they start up 68 apps a day.

It's still really early for Windows 10, but there is already a lot of energy behind it. We've not heard solid news on when Windows 10 will come available, but late next year is as early as we'll get. Until then, feel free to beta test all you like.

Source: Microsoft