Windows 10 Insider Program hits tomorrow, rollout late 2015

The Windows 10 story is still being written, but today's event provided quite a bit of subtle detail for us. If you're anxious to give it a shot, there's good news. Starting tomorrow, you may be able to get early access to Windows 10 — if you're ready for it.

Keep in mind, though, whatever you get your mitts on will be a beta build, and with beta come issues. Though Windows 10 has been presented today, there's no reason to think it's even close to finished. Now that we've got the friendly reminder on what to watch for, let's move right along.

Called the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft is taking a page from their competition on this one. They're inviting "enthusiastic fans to evaluate" Windows 10. Microsoft is following Apple's footsteps down the beta-testing your desktop-ish OS hole.

Microsoft says they're sharing "more than we ever have before, frankly earlier than we have before". A technical preview for laptops and desktops will be waiting tomorrow, while a preview for servers will follow soon after. Windows 10 for mobile isn't the aim here. Remember: enterprise first.

This technical preview is available starting tomorrow (via the source link below, which isn't live yet), but when can you get the actual Windows 10? According to Microsoft, late 2015. So that technical preview is just that — very beta, and likely meant for a technically savvy audience.

Microsoft isn't even finished with the larger points of Windows 10, promising more details on things like universal apps (those you can use on desktop or mobile) at their Build conference in April of next year. It's then when Microsoft will start talking about the consumer side of Windows 10, too, which will probably have a lot to do with those universal apps and mobile.

Source: Windows Insider Program