Windows Execs Shuffled As Microsoft Pushes Phone, PC, And Xbox Closer

Microsoft has reportedly shuffled some of its high-level managers and executives within the Windows unit. The reorganization comes as Microsoft works to push its phone, PC, and Xbox closer together. Some the changes are significant with faces familiar to those who follow Microsoft closely no longer in familiar positions.

Microsoft is expected to publish a memo later today outlining the reorganization. However, details have begun to surface after workers met with supervisors early today and details began to leak out about the reorganization. Reports indicate that Microsoft's Terry Myerson, head of Windows and Windows Phone, will have seven people reporting to him.

That will include leaders for development, testing, and program management positions along with managers heading Microsoft's phone, tablet, PC, Xbox services, and future special projects. The head of development is Henry Sanders. The head of Microsoft's phone team is Joe Belfiore, this team will focus on phones, tablets, and PCs.

The Xbox team will be headed by Marc Whitten with Chris Jones continue to be the head of services. Notable omissions from the list so far include former Windows testing lead Grant George, former Windows services head Antoine Leblond and Jon DeVann. It's unclear at this time if these three long time leaders will be leaving the company or taking over new positions.