Windows continues to dominate PC shares with 8 on the upswing

This week the latest NetMarketShare report has been revealed, showing Windows to continue to dominate PC operating system shares in general, with Windows 8 coming up slowly but steadily. In the information presented today, you'll find that back when Windows 8 was released – back at the tail-end of 2012, not that long ago – the one operating system here that did not take a significant downward turn (or continue to lose popularity), was Apple's own OS X. That said, Windows 7's overtake of Windows XP back several months before Windows 8 arrived places it in the coveted "trusted by businesses" category – Windows 8 doesn't seem to have gained that badge quite yet.

Another term for what Windows 7 has become, as ZD-Net notes, is Long-Term Support, with Windows XP losing that role at the precise moment Windows 7 took the throne. Now it'll be several years before Windows 8 takes over 7. With Windows 8 out now and, according to NetMarketShare, appearing to grow in popularity at roughly the same rate Windows 7 did back in 2009, we'll likely see a business must-use marker in about 3 years.

NetMarketShare currently places each of the top operating systems used at the following market shares – note how Microsoft still essentially dominates the market.

• Windows 7 – 44.73 percent share

• Windows XP – 38.73 percent share

• OS X – 6.9 percent share

• Windows Vista – 4.99 percent share

• Windows 8 – 3.31 percent share

• Linux – 1.2 percent share

Have a peek at other NetMarketShare reports from the past few months and years to see how they've tracked not only desktop operating systems, but mobile devices as well. Right this minute, Microsoft is rolling with 91.8 percent of the desktop OS market. It'll be interesting to see where they are in a few years time – at this rate, they'll be basically in the same place as they are here – no worries!