Windows 10 BSOD may get QR codes to help fix problems

Windows users have probably all seen the dreaded Blue Screen of Death or BSOD more than a few times. The problem with the BSOD is that it traditionally offers very little information on how to fix the problem that caused the crash this side of a generic description that doesn't help the majority of Windows users much. An image has turned up that shows a new BSOD error page for Windows 10 that aims to make it easier to fix or at least figure out what caused your PC to crash.

A Reddit user called javelinnl posted an image that shows a new BSOD screen that has a QR code embedded. The QR code in this image takes the user to a Microsoft help page that aims to give more information on generic reasons that your PC might have crashed. Most of us don't expect a generic page to offer much in the way of assistance.

"Right now, the code and the link take users to a webpage that discusses generic fixes for errors that might cause a crash," writes Blair Frank from CIO. "In the future, though, Microsoft could provide a QR code that leads to more specific information about what caused the computer freeze up."

It's that future possibility that would open a new realm of assistance for PC users who are harassed by frequent crashes and lockups. A QR code that takes you to a page with details on how to fix your specific problem would be helpful indeed. Microsoft has not offered up any official comments on the new QR codes and what the future may hold for them. Microsoft is working to make Windows 10 more usable, and that is a good thing for all PC users. Earlier this month Microsoft announced more changes to the Start menu for Windows 10.

SOURCE: slashdot