Windows Blue to bring cross-PC Bluetooth sync

According to a leaked build of the next-generation update to Windows 8 going by code-name "Windows Blue", you'll soon be able to sync not only some of your account information from computer to computer with your Microsoft account. What Within Windows describes here is a laundry list of elements you'll be factoring in to your Microsoft account associations – everything from Bluetooth device recognition to Installed Apps. Soon you'll be able to bring your account with you wherever you go, on whatever PC you happen to be logging in on!

With the rise of Cloud Computing we've seen more than a few businesses build their greatness on the idea that you should be able to access all of your digital bits and pieces from wherever you may be. With Windows Blue, you'll be finding that not only your digital media and download approvals will be going with you, you'll also have the ability to move from one PC to the next with your wireless accessories, too.

• Device Associations (including Bluetooth)

• Internet Explorer Tabs and Tracking Protection

• Picture Password

• File History

• Input Personalization

• Explorer Quick Links

• App Secondary Tiles

• Tethering

• Installed Apps

So say you've got a Bluetooth mouse that you love so very much, but you're often switching from your home computer to your work computer, and your work computer is one that other people often use with their own login. With Windows Blue (the next big update for Windows 8), you'll find that once you've logged in with your Microsoft account, you'll be able to see your Bluetooth mouse right away – provided you've brought it with you.

Also revealed this week was the fact that Windows Blue will have your Microsoft account bringing your Start Screen panels in the same configuration you left them, again no matter what PC your working with. Sound like the cloud is bringing you with it yet?

Are you convinced by Windows Blue yet? Perhaps you'd like more information on this upcoming Windows 8 build? Have a peek at the timeline below for more details!