Windows 8 To Go puts new OS on old machines

When you get used to a new version of an operating system, it can be very frustrating if you have to use a computer with an old version. Microsoft has been talking up a new way of bringing Windows 8 to older machines without having to actually upgrade or install software on the older machine. It's very easy to do thanks to the ability to run Windows 8 from a flash drive.

Microsoft was recently showing off Windows To Go. Windows To Go is nothing more than a version of Windows 8 on a flash drive that you can plug into any computer and access the newest operating system. Windows To Go operates on a 32 GB flash drive and saves the user's apps and settings allowing you to make any machine you come in contact with just like your PC at home or the office.

The feature is being aimed at the business user as an easy way to access work data on multiple computers and still use Windows 8. This should be a useful feature. The user could work at the office on the desktop and then take the flash drive home or on the road to work in the same environment using the same apps. I wonder if running operating system from the flash drive will affect performance compared to running it with the traditional install.

[via BGR]