Windows 8 Storage Spaces: Bounce back from drive death

When you rely on your computer, each day to work and play few things can ruin your day more than a crash. A new feature of Windows 8 has surfaced that looks like a very cool way to ensure if your rig does crash you can be up and running again quickly. The feature is called Windows 8 Storage Spaces and requires two drives to work. If the computer user has two drives, the user will be able to select 2-way mirroring from the fault tolerance menu.

When the user has a machine with three drives inside there will be a 3-way mirror solution. The solution allows the user to have the same data on all of the drives. That way if one of your drives fails the other is ready to run right away. The three-way solution will keep you going even if two of the drives fails.

Other things that we can glean from the screen shots include that the user can tell the computer how much capacity the Storage Space can have. The users will be able to assign a drive letter to their storage drives and name the spaces as well.

[via Neowin]