Windows 8 security updates said to be less intrusive

There are few things that get my day off to a worse start than sitting down at my desk, waking my computer up, and realizing a security update has been applied that rebooted my computer. I also hate when I am working and the security update reboot notice pops up all the time. I know I am not the only one that has the same feeling of ire towards these things.

Apparently, Windows 8 has been designed to make those security updates less disruptive to our collective days. Windows 8 has reportedly axed the pop up notifications and reduced the chances of the machine needing to be restarted to apply the updates. That is some very good news to my ears. According to the Microsoft Program Manager for Windows Update, the OS will put all updates that require a restart into one pile.

That way they can all be run at one time with the normal releases that come on the second Tuesday of each month. That should presumably mean only one reboot a month. If you leave your rig on all the time or run programs in the background for night execution, that is good news. The notifications for rebooting to finish applying updates will be on the login screen for Windows 8. I wonder how they will be shown for those that don't see the login screen regularly. Apparently, after three days of no reboot, the computer will reboot itself when it senses no critical programs running.

[via The Register]