Windows 8 Firefox getting Metro-Style makeover

This week the folks at Mozilla have revealed that they'll be making their biggest interface makeover ever with the launch of their Windows 8 inspired version of Firefox. This version will have a Windows 8 "Metro" styling and will provide and "entirely new" Firefox environment made specifically for the new Microsoft operating system. Mozilla has released a product vision and roadmap update today which noted that "the feature goal here is a new Gecko based browser built for an integrated with the Metro environment."

Similar to what the Microsoft operating system Windows 8 will be doing, this version of Firefox will include two interfaces: one similar to the Windows 7 interface titled "Classic" and another closer to Windows 8 new vision called "Metro." The update to the Classic interface will be a "simple evolution" while the Metro update will have "a new Firefox front end and system integration points." According to Mozilla,

"Firefox on Metro, like all other Metro apps will be full screen, focused on touch interactions, and connected to the rest of the Metro environment through Windows 8 contracts. Our UI will need to adjust to show the most relevant content for each size. In order to provide users with access to other content, other apps, and to Firefox from other content and apps, we'll need integration with the share contract, the search contract, the settings contract, the app to app picking contract, the print contract, the play to contract, and possibly a couple more. We'll be a source for some, a target for some, and both for some." – Mozilla

Live tiles may be a possibility in this built, as will the front end being built in XUL, C or C++, or HTML/CSS/JS. In other words, Mozilla hasn't finalized one whole heck of a lot in this future build, noting that they'll be focusing also on Boot to Gecko, this being a complete, standalone operating system for the open web. Gecko will likely be completely separate from Windows 8, with our Consumer Preview at

Mobile World Congress 2012

set for February 29th, 2012. Seeya there!



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