Windows 8 and RT upgrade issue fix is in the works

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 1, 2014
Windows 8 and RT upgrade issue fix is in the works

If you’ve a Windows 8 or Windows RT device that has proven exceptionally resistant to being upgraded, there’s good news for you: Microsoft is working on a fix to get these machines to update, taking users up to their respective 8.1 version.

The news comes from Microsoft itself, which detailed for the folks at WinSuperSite a pilot program it is working on that will automatically update Windows RT and Windows 8 to the newer versions. Unfortunately, the update is currently being tested only in certain markets.

Hit up Windows Update to see if you’re one of the lucky individuals the so-called experiment is rolling out to (assuming you’re having issues updating your machine). For those who aren’t getting it that way, at least the Windows RT version is available to manually download.

After installing update 2871389, users can grab the Windows RT update download and run it — it isn’t clear whether the Windows 8 version is also available for manual download, so you might have to wait for that one to roll your way through Windows Update.

VIA: Engadget

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