Windows 8.1 Preview ISO download tipped for June 26th with standard upgrade

While the basic upgrade to Windows 8.1 (Blue) will be available on the 26th of June, it wasn't known until this week – or tipped, at least – that an ISO download will also be available. This update to the next iteration of Windows will be offered by Microsoft for free to those working with a real-deal standard version of Windows 8. Those hoping to dual-boot regular Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will also be able to do so with this ISO download. UPDATE: Download portals have arrived.

This update will be posted in the same location as the standard Windows 8.1 update via Microsoft and will be available for download in Microsoft's standard App Store. Those hoping to get an early view of what Windows 8.1 will be bringing to the public can have a peek at what Microsoft has already delivered in "first look" form here.

The key changes to this system will be the same regardless of if a user upgrades Windows 8 to 8.1 or dual-boots, of course, these including such winners as 50:50 dual-running apps and return of the Start button. Additional integration with SkyDrive will be made real alongside a "curated, app-like experience" with search results for both local and online queries.

The ISO download of Windows 8.1 Preview will be the best solution for users not wanting to use any of the 13 languages it runs in (that's limited beyond the standard and final build) as well as those working with Windows 8 Enterprise. This download will be just as free as the standard upgrade.