Windows 8.1 grabs 3.95% of OS market to pass Vista as Windows 7 still leads

The latest report on the market share for particular operating systems is in from Net Applications. The new report shows that the Windows operating system is still by far the most popular on the computing market. Windows with all its versions holds 90.72% of the OS market.Mac OS holds 7.68% of the market with Linux having 1.60%. There are several flavors inside the Windows chunk of the pie. The most popular flavor of Windows is Windows 7 with 47.49% of the market share. The second most popular is Windows XP holding 29.23% of the overall windows market.

The share of the Windows pie that Windows 8.1 holds has grown quickly since the latest version of the OS launched in October. Windows 8.1 has 3.95% of the OS market. That puts Windows 8.1 ahead of the market share that Windows Vista holds with 3.30% of the market.

Windows 8 holds 6.63% of the Windows share. The market share of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined only changed slightly in the latest report gaining 0.09%. Despite Microsoft actively trying to get people off Windows XP, it actually gained a bit of ground in the latest report gaining 0.25% with a climb from 28.98% at the end of 2013 to 29.23% in the latest report.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb