Windows 8.1 downloads tipped for mid-October

We were expecting to see a final version of Windows 8.1 hit this month, but it seems like Microsoft will be delaying the release period a bit. According to some insider tipsters, the final Windows 8.1 release won't see a public debut until sometime around mid-October, making the delay last almost two months.According to ZDNet, which has gotten some pretty juicy Windows 8 scoops in the past, anonymous sources are saying that Windows 8.1 won't be released until October. This means that both the general availability of the update, as well as new hardware launching with Windows 8.1 will see a release.

However, PC makers will receive the final version of the update later this month with an RTM version, but the reason for the delay of the official launch date is suspected to allow OEMs to finalize their own testing and drivers for the update, so that new hardware is ready to go come launch day.

According to The Verge, their own sources have said that we should be seeing some new 7-inch and 8-inch devices with Windows 8.1 on board, meaning that these will be the first such devices running a Windows operating system. We've heard rumors in the past about 7-inch Windows tablets making their way to the market, and it seems like October will be the time.

We saw a leaked build of Windows 8.1 appear yesterday, with new features that aim to help out first-time Windows 8 users, including video tutorials, and helpful reminder pop-ups that prompt users how they can navigate their way around the operating system. The lack of a tutorial system was a huge complaint when Windows 8 initially released.