Windows 7 pre-beta features leaked

We've been hearing about Windows 7 for quite some time now and as information leaks out, we're getting a better idea about what this new operating system will contain. Specifically, it's very Vista-esque. However, today we've learned the pre-beta release, which is set to be distributed to developers at PDC, will not be outfitted with all the Windows 7 beta has to offer. 

Some of the features that leaked include an Action Center, which is meant to help with troubleshooting, a new task bar and shell integration. There will also be multi-touch support and gestures. Bluetooth support will be improved and a new animation framework.

Another notable feature is called the Device Stage and it will act as a control panel for connected devices. This means anything from cell phones to printers can be used with the Device Stage. But it seems any external device used with the Stage has to be "Device-Stage-enabled." Interesting, but it will be even more interesting to see what features are debuted at PDC that won't be available in the pre-beta.  

[via DailyTech]