Windows 7 features to be announced next month

Brenda Barron - Aug 18, 2008, 2:29 am CST
Windows 7 features to be announced next month

Despite the Vista debacle, Microsoft is planning on unveiling some of the features of their upcoming Windows 7 operating system at an upcoming conference. Rumor has it that since Vista wasn’t as successful as the company had hoped, they’re striving to be more forthcoming this time around.

We already know there will be Multi-Touch support and that it will be based on the Windows Server 2008 kernel. However, multi-touch will not be the default input mode and will, instead, only be applicable to certain programs.

Windows 7 is slated for a late 2009 or early 2010 release, but nothing is for sure yet. However, the Christmas season seems to be the likely choice. We’ll have to wait for the sneak peek at Windows 7 features until next month, but you can keep up with the engineers at the Windows 7 Blog

[via TG Daily]

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