Windows 7 box images leak

We're not expecting to see Windows 7 to hit the marketplace until the very end of the year but it seems some images of the packaging has been leaked out. It's hard to say if these leaked images are real or not, but the way they are structured does make sense.

For instance, the images are a sort of combination of both XP and Vista packaging. This makes sense because Microsoft has stated on more than one occasion that they'd like Windows 7 to contain the best of these two operating systems as well as new features.

The Windows 7 logo presented on this packaging is pretty spot on, which gives credence to the idea that they are real. However, many people are concerned that the boxes have too much information on them and that it breaks ties with previous Microsoft OS release packaging, so it can't be real. Truthfully, we won't know for sure until Windows 7 is released later this year, so we'll once again wait and see.

[via Ars Technica]