Windows 11 updates Snipping Tool for screenshots in latest Insider Preview

This week the folks at Microsoft are rolling out the updates to Windows 11 hard and fast. Right this minute we're looking at the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.194 in the Beta Channel. This same release appear for commercial PCs in the Release Preview Channel, if you did not already notice. If you didn't know about the issues still present in the last most recent update, you're certainly going to need to get familiar with the list of issues that Microsoft is currently aware of, and working on.

Known issues

One of the strangest known issues with this most recent release is the inability to enter text in Search from Start or Taskbar. If you cannot enter text by typing, press WIN + R to launch the Run dialog box, then immediately close said box. This should fix the issue temporarily. Another Start button issue appears in the lack of System and Windows Terminal when right-clicking the Start button – try WIN + X, but they might still be missing.

The Search icon on the taskbar might appear black. It might also not be able to display any content below the search box, and clicking the Search icon on the Taskbar might not open the Search panel at all. If this happens, Microsoft recommends that you restart the Windows Explorer process.

The new Taskbar might not appear when upgrading to Windows 11 through the Beta Channel, and the Start menu might not work at all. Microsoft suggested today that if you experience these issues, you may want to go to Windows Update – Update History, and uninstall the last cumulative update for Windows. After that, reinstall said update by checking for updates.

These just a few of the known issues present in this latest build of Windows 11.

Snipping Tool (and others)

The classic Snipping Tool and "Snip & Sketch" are replaced by a new Snipping Tool app. This new app still defaults to Windows logo key + Shift + S, but includes new features and a new user interface for Windows 11. This key combo still delivers a box with options at the head of your screen, but it no longer has sharp corners (they're rounded), and the selected snipping method is easier to see immediately.

Snipping Tool sends the captured screenshot or screen grab to its own editing tool suite. They're simple, like they were in Snip & Sketch, but all controls are moved to the top of the interface, and all is given the Windows 11 rounded-corner treatment.

This new Snipping Tool is also the latest app to honor the user's chosen Windows 11 theme. This includes dark mode, like all good Windows apps made by Microsoft should.

The Calculator app as well as the Mail and Calendar apps have been updated, as well. These apps are mostly updated in visual style, but the Calculator app now has a lot more functionality than it ever has before. Take a peek at this build and let us know what you think, and stick around for October 5, 2021 when Microsoft releases Windows 11 to the masses!