Windows 11 might let you get your Windows 10 Start Menu back

The Internet is buzzing with opinions and discoveries on the alleged leaked Windows 11 build and what features the next Windows release will bring or miss. Unsurprisingly, much of the focus has been on Windows 11's version of the Start Menu and Taskbar. Equally unsurprising is how some are already raising their voices against the changes. They may not be fans of the Windows 10 Start Menu in the first place, but they might not have much choice but to revert to it, which Windows 11 will apparently allow them to do with a bit of tinkering.

One of the highlights of the Windows 11 leak didn't exactly come as a surprise. There have already been rumors that Windows 10 would adopt what would have been Windows 10X's start menu. So different from the left-side menu that Windows has supported for decades, this put the app launcher and recommendation front and center.

Just like when Microsoft changed things in Windows 8 and then in Windows 10, users that are cemented in their ways find these changes jarring and disruptive, even before the feature has been officially confirmed. Fortunately for them, one power user, a Microsoft MVP no less, is revealing a not-so-secret way to bring back the old, equally-disliked Windows 10 version.

That method, unfortunately, does require tinkering with Windows' registry database, not something for the faint of heart. Once done, however, you'll probably want to set your Taskbar to be aligned to the left again, just like on Windows 10. Fortunately, Windows actually has a graphical setting for that.

Those worried about other big changes in Windows 11 probably don't need to hold their breath too much. At least based on the leaked build, there aren't that many disruptive changes in the next version of Windows. We won't be waiting too long for the answers, either, as Microsoft's event is just a few days away.