Windows 11 leaks with a huge UI shakeup

Microsoft is set to reveal what's next for Windows later this month, but it seems that leakers have beat the company to the punch. Windows 11 has leaked online, giving us a look at several big UI changes Microsoft plans to implement with this new operating system. There's a lot to take in, so if you're the type who likes to be surprised by these reveals, then you should probably turn back now.

For those who want to see what's new as soon as possible, this leak leaves little to the imagination. The leak started with a pair of screenshots shared on Baidu, but it wasn't long before the entire OS leaked, giving curious users the chance to install it and take it for a spin themselves. The Verge's Tom Warren was one of those people, and he's shared a boatload of screenshots that show off the new operating system.

It looks like Windows 11 is going to get a fairly major overhaul in the looks department. In one gif, Warren shows off the Windows 11 desktop with a centered taskbar and a new start menu, noting that the windows now have rounded corners instead of their usual sharp ones. He also gives us a look at the new Xbox app along with Windows 11's new snap feature that allows users to snap windows to one half or even one quadrant of the screen.

It's a big shift, but there are some familiar Windows sights among all that's new, including the Control Panel. Windows 11 also has a new startup sound that's even more subdued than the Windows 10 startup sound. Alas, it seems the days of Windows greeting you with a wall-rumbling startup jingle are well and truly over.

So, it's been a big day on the Windows front. We don't have very long to wait before Microsoft reveals more about what's next for Windows, as the company is expected to reveal this new operating system at an event on June 24th. We'll be covering that event as it happens, so stay tuned for more.