Windows 10's bundled Solitaire includes advertisements

Solitaire comes with Windows 10, but it's not the Solitaire you've come to know and love. The latest version of Windows includes Microsoft's Solitaire Collection bundled, and as it did in Windows 8.1, the free version will come with a side order of advertisements. If you don't like the advertisements, you don't have to put up with them — Microsoft will let you pay a subscription fee to drop the ads and get some relatively pointless digital coins and in-game boosts.

Solitaire is provided as part of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which includes both the classic game and forks of it like Freecell. The collection will include achievements, stat tracking, and leaderboards, but it'll also present advertisements. You'll need the Premium Edition to get rid of them, and that will cost $1.50 USD per month ($10 for a full year).

The Premium Edition will be familiar to anyone who plays mobile games – with the cost will come coins that are used for Daily Challenges, as well as certain in-game boosts and, most importantly, no ads. The ads are large, sometimes full screen, can't be skipped, and last up to 30 seconds.

Solitaire isn't the only game that comes with Windows 10. Back in May, Microsoft announced that Candy Crush Saga will be pre-installed on the newest version of Windows, allowing the company to cash in on the annoy-your-friends-by-begging-for-hearts game. Check out the timeline below for other recent Windows 10 news!