Windows 10 to come with Candy Crush Saga preinstalled

Good news for Windows users who are also Candy Crush Saga addicts! Although, it's bad news for Windows users who value their productivity. Microsoft has just announced that when its latest operating system, Windows 10, launches later this year, it will have the free-to-play mega-hit game Candy Crush Saga preinstalled. The game will join other Microsoft classics Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts, giving users a wide ranging choice of either card games or brightly colored candy.

Microsoft still hasn't specified a release date for Windows 10, although it is supposed to be sometime this summer. Candy Crush Saga will be launching for the platform in a similar timeframe, and those who upgrade to the new OS following its initial release will be treated to the game for free.

The announcement mentions that the game is "a global phenomenon for good reason," adding that it has been a big hit on Windows Phone since its release on Microsoft's smartphones in December. For those who legitimately enjoy Candy Crush Saga, a cool feature will be that the Windows 10 version has cross-play with iOS and Android devices.

While this isn't the biggest news about the release of Windows 10, it is making a number of PC users unhappy. As more computer users are growing tiresome of the preinstalled "bloatware" that often comes with Windows, many are unimpressed with the inclusion of Candy Crush Saga. Hopefully for them, the game can be easily uninstalled.

SOURCE Xbox Wire