Windows 10 update tipped to change a classic feature forever

There's a new Windows 10 Build 20185 tipped in the pipeline with a new sort of clipboard panel in the mix. This new way to work with the clipboard could change the way you work with the copy and paste feature on your laptop or desktop machine forever. The panel is tipped in testing now, with the ability to include new sorts of media like emojis, kaomoji (顔文字), animated gif image files, and larger content. This is just one of a list of new features likely coming soon.

To get started with the new panel, you'll need to start with WINDOWS KEY – V. There you'll likely see a friendly little clipboard face with a message that says "Can't Show History" and See all your copied items in one place! Turn on clipboard history now."

With the new feature, according to Windows Latest, we'll see a panel with stickers, emojis, gifs, kaomoji, symbols, and all the other paste-able media you can imagine.

This will FINALLY allow Windows to quickly access the list dot: • without needing to copy-paste the thing every single time a user needs access. This system should expand the amount of "Clipboard history" we've got access to as well. Current Clipboard history is limited to 25 entries, regardless of size.

UPDATE: This new Clipboard history system will be able to store text, images, and HTML content too. It'll be able to "sync" across devices – which we can only imagine will cross over to devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo et al. This system will appear in Settings once the update goes live in the near future.

UPDATE 2: It's expected that this feature will hit Windows 10 at the same time as Windows 10X – but it COULD come earlier. Especially since it would seem that Windows 10X update is pushed to 2021, we're crossing our fingers that it'll come to Windows 10 before the end of the year.