Windows 10 update still free for Assistive Technology users

Missed the free gravy train of Windows 10 updates? Feeling some regret for not grabbing the opportunity while it lasted? Don't worry. Apparently, there's a sort of "loophole" that you can use to still get the Windows 10 update for free, depending on your conscience. Microsoft has revealed that it will continue to offer the update for free for owners that use its Assistive Technologies. As luck would have it, Microsoft isn't checking whether you really do use, let alone need, those assistive features anyway.

It might be surprising that Microsoft would risk people trying to use this opportunity to still update for free even though the general period as lapsed. Microsoft, however, has a reason for doing so, of course. The gist of it is that the current version of Windows 10 doesn't yet have Microsoft's ideal set of assistive features. Those are promised to come with the Anniversary Update. Which requires Windows 10, naturally. Hence, the ongoing free update.

Unsurprisingly, some have taken advantage of that to get Windows 10 now that the free period is over. It's not intended for that purpose, but Microsoft isn't checking. Or doesn't have a way to double check anyway. It isn't restricting the offer to any single set of assistive technologies, so checking just even a single one allows you to update to Windows 10 for free.

Microsoft, however, is well aware of how people are, to be blunt, abusing this system. It remains firm that it isn't going to nix the offer but does remind users it wasn't meant for that purpose. It's unlikely to be able to implement something that will check for credibility without inconveniencing valid users as well.

That said, the offer is unlikely to last forever. Microsoft is only delaying the inevitable in light of the Anniversary Update, which is rolling out this week. Give or take a few months, it might also close that door as well.

SOURCE: Microsoft