Windows 10 update failure issues today

A set of relatively major issues appeared with the latest Windows 10 update this week. Over the past several days, Windows 10 users reported issues with the latest set of updates, ranging from failure to download all the way to the Blue Screen of Death. Update release codes included KB4579311 and KB4577671, and you might want to go ahead and pause updates until it's all sorted out.

Printer issues, audio issues, and an unresponsive File Explorer are among the issues that've appeared with the latest set of updates to Windows 10. Users have reported frozen systems "whenever an action is started", videos pausing every 5 seconds, and Task Manager showing System taking up 100% Memory. These issues should not occur, and they won't likely sort themselves out without further input from the user and/or Microsoft with a software fix.

Downloading this latest set of updates has also had a bit of a stopper in it at 90% and 100% downloaded for some users. Surface Book users reported Surface Serial Hub Driver errors as well as Bluetooth driver failure.

You'll find a litany of issues reported on Reddit Windows 10 threads and Microsoft Community software update in comments.

It would appear that the 2020 fix using the Media Creation Tool to manually download the update... does not currently work. That was a weird way to make it happen in the first place, now it seems that the offbeat solution is out to lunch once more. If you've not yet downloaded the latest update for Windows (released on the 13th of October at earliest), now might be a good time to pause your Windows 10 updates.

NOTE: If you DO decide to pause your updates, Microsoft recommends that you do not do so indefinitely. It's important that security updates are delivered from time to time, especially if you use your computer for anything you consider private or valuable. Malicious entities are out there, whether your paranoid brother's encountered them before or not.