Windows 10 update available for download now for Insiders

Those of you waiting to roll with Cortana's desktop bits in Windows 10 won't have to wait much longer. In fact – if you're up for it – you're going to be able to update your PC right this minute. Supposing you're a member of the Windows Insider Program. To make this happen with Build 9926, all you'll need to do is either be signed up for Windows Insider now or begin signing up now. From there, there's just a few button clicks to tap.

You'll want to become part of the Windows Insider group if you're not already. From there, you'll want to make sure you're configured for the Fast or Slow rings. For both the Fast and Slow rings of this program, the newest build of Windows is now available.

Microsoft suggests that "just like last time", this build will come automatically to users with Windows Update.

If you don't want to wait – if you want to force the update, you'll have only to go here:

• PC Settings

• Update and Recovery

• Preview Builds

Click the "Check Now" button and you should have access instantly. This upgrade is a "full build", meaning you'll be seeing all manner of installations screens – don't worry about the "installing your apps" screen, as Microsoft notes it's only your account being adjusted to fit the new build.

Stay tuned as we run down the new features available in this build one by one!