Windows 10 might be getting rid of controversial Live Tiles

In its effort 5lto accommodate a new generation of touch-enabled PCs, Microsoft introduced the concept of Tiles, eventually Live Tiles as a replacement for its almost iconic Start Menu. Windows users have been split on the experience and Microsoft had introduced major changes over the years to appease critics. It seems that it will be making its biggest change yet and could removing Live Tiles altogether in a future release of Windows 10.

Microsoft didn't pull Live Tiles out of thin air and used that user interface on its Windows Phone OS. While it was usable for smartphones, Microsoft presumed it would also fly on the new breed of Windows 8 tablets but also imposed the same UI on desktops. That irked Windows users, prompting Microsoft to adopt a hybrid approach in Windows 10.

As early as next year, Windows 10 might throw all that away completely. Thanks to an accidentally released Build meant to be used internally only, Microsoft plans have been revealed. That unreleased Windows 10 featured a Start Menu that, instead of tiles, just used large monochrome icons. It also sported Microsoft's new design language that espoused use of glass-like translucency everywhere.

Before you go knocking it for how ugly it may be, it should be noted that it's not meant to be seen by the public just yet. It is raw and underdeveloped, just like the leaked images of Live Tiles back in the days. There's a high chance it will look very differently when Windows 10 20H1 comes around.

Or it could not happen at all. One of the benefits of accidentally releasing a concept is that you can get early feedback from users. It could turn out that the cure is worse than the disease in this case or that the new Start Menu will be just as divisive.