Windows 10 Game Mode arrives for some Insiders tomorrow

Microsoft says some Windows 10 Creators Update features will be arriving for Windows Insiders starting tomorrow, and counted among them is the new Game Mode. Overall, Microsoft says this will be a big week for both PC gamers and Xbox One gamers, at least those who are part of the respective Insiders programs. Insiders on Windows 10 will see some new features crop up tomorrow, while Xbox owners will see the features appear 'in the coming days.'

Windows Insiders can expect to see built-in Beam streaming starting tomorrow, as well as the 'Gaming' section in System Settings, and the new Game Mode. That makes this feature release centered around gaming, obviously, and foretells good things about the future, at least if you're a PC gamer.

Game Mode works by increasing game performance on Windows 10 PCs, namely prioritize CPU and GPU for your gaming regardless of what system you're using. However, not all games are likely to work with Game Mode, at least initially, hence the release of the feature for Insiders testing ahead of its spring season release for everyone else.

Game Mode aside, Windows Insiders will get built-in Beam streaming, which Microsoft describes as the fastest and easiest way to stream your gameplay. The Xbox functionality for this feature will be releasing for previewed use 'soon.' Beam will offer multiple features itself, including access to sound boards, easy interaction within livestreams, and other things yet to be detailed.

Likewise, and as mentioned, the update will also give Insiders access to the 'Gaming' section in System Settings, a new section that'll be easy to spot thanks to its Xbox logo. In this, gamers will get access to the GameDVR, Game Bar, Game Mode at some point, and game broadcasting. Some other user and system settings will also be added to this section eventually for an easier, faster experience.

SOURCE: Windows Blog