Windows 10 for phones gets better Action Center, PC integration

Windows 10 is great on the desktop, but what about the phone, or small tablet? Microsoft is 'evolving' Windows there as well, but also typing it right back to your desktop. A new feature for Action Center will tie directly to your PC, and the settings menu looks quite a bit more polished to us. Windows 10 on your phone or sub 8-inch tablet is still very mobile, though, and has some features that will likely have some heads turning.

Action Center notifications will display on mobile as well as your PC or other devices, but a single dismissal will have them sliding away everywhere. Action Center also looks a lot snappier, brighter, and just plain more interesting to look at and interact with.

Windows' mobile settings menu has changed, and appears a lot more organized. A small change, but one we're glad they made.

Messaging notifications can be replied to in-line, now. Like we saw with iOS 8, you will get the ability to reply to a message without jumping between apps. Smart move.

The new keyboard can be dragged and dropped around the screen, too. Handy for full-screen utility, but it also comes in handy with voice dictation, which seems improved with Windows 10 on mobile. At the Windows event, even saying "hashtag" really brought up the hashtag. Microsoft is also working their Skype service right into messaging (and calling), and will allow you to migrate between it and other apps easily when messaging with someone.

What was shown off was an early build, but still pretty impressive. Microsoft says Windows 10 for mobile was designed to "go with" your PC, suggesting they are interested in having us round out our home and mobile experience with Windows.