Windows 10 bug causes PC to force reboot, fix on the way

It's been a while since we've heard reports of disastrous Windows bugs caused by updates, hopefully, because Microsoft has finally gotten better at the quality of those updates. That's not to say, however, that there are no less disastrous but still serious bugs that are making some Windows users' lives less pleasant. One, in particular, is apparently scaring those users because of an ominous reboot warning. Fortunately, Microsoft was already on the case has a fix ready to roll out.

A few months back, Microsoft confirmed a mysterious bug that unsurprisingly got users upset and even worried. They would be suddenly be shown a dialog warning them that the PC will restart in a minute, with no option to stop or delay it. That gives them little time to save whatever they're doing before the computer does reboot for no apparent reason at all.

Microsoft does have a fix ready but there is a small catch. That fix will be part of the latest batch of updates that will be rolled out to PCs running the latest Windows 10 version 20H2, a.k.a. the October 2020 update. The problem is that not all PCs have been allowed to get that update in the first place.

The company has now also removed those blocks which have prevented some PCs from upgrading, perhaps because of one incompatible hardware or another. Microsoft may be confident that, by now, all those issues have been resolved so that these computers can upgrade to 20H2 before the company rolls out Windows 10 21H1 in a few months.

Windows Latest also reports that another critical bug has been fixed, one that also inexplicably deleted passwords in apps and websites after rebooting the PC. Given how companies like Microsoft advocate using password managers on apps or web browsers to store such credentials, having a bug that makes those pointless doesn't inspire much confidence in the advice.