Windows 10 Anniversary Update release set for August

Today the folks at Microsoft have announced that the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will be released in August 2nd, 2016. This means that everyone with Windows 10 by that time will be send a massive update for the operating system for free, as all updates are once Windows 10 is accepted by the user. If you've not accepted the inevitable yet, consider Microsoft to be the Borg, because resistance is futile. Your update will come. Oh yes, it will come to you soon.

This update will include Windows Hello for password saving on websites and apps. This feature update adds password saving by the device you're on for Windows apps and Microsoft Edge (the web browser). This will make Microsoft Edge the "first and only browser to natively support biometrics with supporting sites."

Windows Defender will also be added here – that's Microsoft's "free anti-malware service" as they call it.

This update also includes Windows Ink. This app allows users to draw with their stylus devices – most helpful on devices like Surface tablets. You'll be able to work with Smart Sticky Notes for reminders and smart suggestions – locations, for example, lead to Maps. Apps affected by Ink include Maps and Office – you'll be able to draw custom routes in Maps and use handwriting features in Office.

Cortana has been updated in this Anniversary Update, bringing the personal assistant above the lock screen. You'll be able to ask Cortana questions and have her do tasks for you – setting reminders and playing music, for example. Cortana is also able to give you notifications cross-device and recall key information you've given her in the past.

For more information on this release, head to Microsoft's Blog – and stick around for August 2nd to see how the launch goes!