Win a Wii for $2, AKA Real Life Spam

Apparently there is a place in Jersey where you can play one of those clearly-rigged crane games for a Nintendo Wii. The cost is $2 per play, sounds like something I get in my email from time to time.

Sadly the game is real, and not spam. Here is a little info about me, my sad, sad life has led me to a point where I work at a gas station during the day (hey, I am a college student and they work around my schedule).

At this particular job, my employers also employ a number of these crane games. They claim to make thousands a week off of each machine, they aren't too rigged, people win all the time, but the prizes are generally crap, and in order to win something like a Wii you'd have to spend more than two dollars and fill out a lot of entry forms for the drawing. Now the rules have clearly changed, I think its time to remove the knockoffs and fill those machines with real Rolex's.

The Wii Crane Game [via Gizmodo]