WiMAX modem from Motorola keeps it simple

Well, who ever thought that a day would come when they would make service provider networking hardware that was simple enough the consumer could set it up on their own. I thought it was all a scheme to make money when Comcast sent their installer and he was here for 6 hours doing a job I could have done in about 1 with some proper instructions.

Well the CPEi 100 from Motorola is a "Plug-and-Play" WiMAX modem that service providers should be able to just pass out to there customers and let them perform the installation themselves. It operates on the 2.5GHz WiMAX band and has one port on the back to plug into your wired network.

This modem, and presumable WiMAX, should be available later this year. Now I know that those in the city will be happy to be on the bleeding edge of technology, but think about how happy the people in more rural areas will be when they find out they can get better than 56k now.

Motorola outs CPEi 100 WiMAX desktop modem [via engadget]