Wilson Electronics' Cell Signal Boosters-SlashGear's Top 5 Products at Show Stoppers

Wilson Electronics promises that you'll never have a dropped call again with their technology in your home. Wilson's devices use the in-home cabling to hook up to an antenna in your roof or wall that will boost your cell signal throughout your home. They also have mobile versions, including some for Blackberries and iPhones that provided a charging cradle for the device as well.

At Show Stoppers, we got to see the new in-home set up for the signal boosters. Wilson will use the pre-existing cable wiring inside your home for the device to accomplish its goals. They've partnered with the #1 distributor of DirectTV in the US to distribute the boosters and wire up homes if needed.

The Mobile Pro (which is a device we've used and it works) travels in your car with you and uses an externally mounted antenna to boost your cell phone signal. Anyone who struggles with getting a cell signal during their commute, or in their office should check out Wilson Electronics and their cell signal boosters.